Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

As I have stated a few times recently, my parents have been in town visiting. After eating in nearly all the restaurants and pubs near us I took them down to my old local – The Brook Green hotel. Now its not that I have anything against the Brook green, its just that since the renovations after the smoking ban the place has become a bit pretentious. OK not just a bit pretentious, very pretentious! First of all, they insist on table service… It’s a Young’s tied pub for crying out loud! They have also become quite expensive and the ale is usually not kept very well.

Anyhow rant over – I opted for a Double Chocolate stout (5.2% abv), a bottled ale (so it will be in OK condition) and a fair whack cheaper than a pint of draught (£2.60 as opposed to £3.40).

The beer delivers what Meantime Chocolate attempts – and fails to do. A strong intense chocolate flavour and aroma, chocolaty bitterness and a smooth mellow lingering bitter aftertaste. The beer is also quite thick and oily, which I am assuming comes from the chocolate used in brewing. For some reason, I think Young’s may have discontinued this beer – and my thoughts were suspiciously confirmed when I failed to find any mention of the beer on the Young’s website.

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  1. says

    Are you in the UK? Youngs is pretty available here in the US (mostly nitro-cans. Gotta love a beer that uses real Cadbury chocolate as an ingredient rather than just flavoring.

    . . . still one of my favorites.

  2. Anonymous says

    Excuse me lady, but you are retarded. That beer you have in your hand is one of the smoother stouts you will find and a smooth aftertaste. Your obviously not a dark beer lover

  3. says

    You HAVE to try it from the “draught” can with the nitro ball in it. The nitro infuses super smoothness and velvety texture that’s lost with the bottle version.

    Also, the woman in the video doesn’t take enough time to “understand” the flavor, so to speak. From first bit to final finish — about 10 seconds apart — Young’s Double Chocolate Stout is a wonderful brew.

  4. Anonymous says

    stunned. i’m drinking one right now, as i watch this waste of a beer review. first off, how can you review beers when you admit to never even trying a stout before? maybe get acquainted with beer a bit more before feeling a urge to review them for others.

    alas, the young’s double choc stout is fantastic, but i highly recommend it in the nitro can. ultra smooth and rich as can be. one of my favorites for years.

  5. says

    Guys, I am not a lady and I don’t have a beer in my hand!

    I think I given a favourable report of the beer.

    Anon. I have had plenty of Stouts before. I don’t know what you are talking about. I also have not had the nitrocan version, we get the real deal here in the UK not the brewed under licence Diageo packaged product you get in the US.

  6. Anonymous says

    Decent review but you don’t know what your talking about.

    Number 1 they aren’t going to discontinue this beer and if you did even 2 minutes of research you would know this. You were looking at Young’s pub website, not the company website. The company merged with Charles Wells in 2006 and is now known as Wells & Young’s.

    Number 2 we get the real deal here in the US too. I’m looking at a can right now and it says PRODUCT OF ENGLAND, brewed at Wells & Young’s Brewing Company Limited, Bedford MK40 4LU, UK.

    Have a nice day.

  7. says

    Anon, The the stout was discontinued shortly in 2008 as was the oatmeal stout. The chocolate stout was relaunched with a new recipe and now has a slight smokey taste.

    We can’t get the cans here, they are for export only and packaged by Diageo.

    If you had any conviction about what you are saying then you would use your name.

  8. Anonymous says

    Nothing but sorrow comes from a can.

    I’m drinking the new recipe at the moment (from a proper bottle). Very tasty and quite subtle, with no bitter aftertaste. Seems to build chocolate character after two mouthfuls.

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