The Perfect Lager Project

Over the last couple of months I have been participating in a social experiment to develop the perfect lager by crowd sourcing beer drinking experiences. The motivating driver for me to participate was free beer, and keeping with Hardknott Dave’s approach – No I didn’t ask for free beer, although I’m always open to receiving cash, beer or other goods and services in exchange for positive comment on these hallow pages.

The approach in this marketing drive is unique in that all beer drinking experiences are collected interactively through an iPhone app. It’s as simple as every time you crack open a bottle, you take a photo through the app and it records what the beer is and sends it off to a data repository for later analysis. It also gives you the option to share your experience through Facebook, Twitter and other social media which drives further interest in the eventual product.

I’ll admit that I have not really been drinking much beer and have been sipping too much red wine lately, however I did manage to contribute a dozen or so different beer experiences to the project.

The promotion is being run by Casella wines who produce the Yellow Tail range. Firstly, I hope the beer is better than their wine which targets the lower end of the market and is almost the definition of mediocrity. Its not bad, but hardly exciting either.

The wine aside, I have faith that the project will produce a decent beer, although mediocre in that it will have to appeal to the broadest market possible and sell well. Brewing just for niche beer geeks is not going to keep you in business for long in the Australian market which is dominated by mega swill lager that sells in large volumes. I received an email with some statistics sources from the project which are roughly 70% of beer is lager, 20% ale’s. I am expecting a flavoursome lager with a fruity/hoppy twist from the initial results.

Anyhow, I am sure Google will turn up some more info for those who are interested

Tim is the owner and author of The Beer Diary and is passionate about beer and brewing. He has traveled exhaustively in pursuit of the worlds best and most unique beers. Tim is a firm believer that the world's best beer is always the one that is currently in your glass.

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