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Listening to Brew Strong and The Jamil Show is the only thing that keeps me sane as I weave through the traffic for an hour twice day to grind away at my 9 to 5 job. I have inadvertently become a brewcasting aficionado.

I like the format. Its not too serious, its fast moving and gets to the point. I don’t even mind listening to half an hour of toilet humor and innuendo to obtain that one nugget of knowledge that makes it all worthwhile.

Why has The Brewing Network become such a great success? I put it down to a couple of things;
1. Attitude – Justin Crossley (the founder of the BN), has a relaxed but serious attitude. From listening to his contributions on air, you cant help but like the guy.
2. Serious credibility – The presenters the BN gets on its show are the gold standard authorities in homebrewing. John Palmer, author of “How to Brew” is a regular and presenter of Brew Strong. Jamil Zainesheff, co-author of “Brewing Classic Styles”, multiple Ninkasi award winner and founder at heretic Brewing Company is a homebrewing god pope. To get guys of this caliber to give up their time has definitely contributed to the success.
3. Location – located in the Bay area of Northern California which is the mecca of the craft beer movement. Having so many breweries and top shelf homebrew supply retailers literally on your doorstep certainly helps.
4. Hard work – drinking and talking about beer. When this is your job description, I don’t know anyone who would have a problem with working hard!

So what are you waiting for? Get your self onto the iTunes store and fill up the podcast section of your favourite iDevice with some of this entertaining but awesomely useful content.

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